Sicily Wild Trekking offers adventurous and original excursions, always away from fake and boring itineraries and with certified expert and passionate guides. Our primary goal is to share our experience alongside walkers to rediscover the authentic contact with nature and its wonders, walking those hidden paths that excite and involve the hearts of real adventurers.

There are many companies in Sicily and on Mount Etna that organize guided tours, some are also very valid, with whom we collaborate. So why would you choose us? Our propos was born from the desire to offer different experiences from the classic tour operators: no “useless jeep”, no souvenir shops, no crowded places.. but only nature and the desire to explore. Perhaps these intense and exciting tours are not for everyone but we would like to offer you an authentic experience “into the wild.”

The adventure SWT is recommended to backpackers, hikers enthusiasts, team building projects, groups of friends looking for adventure, and anyone who wants to experience the thrill of the intimate contact with the truest nature. The routes are intended to show the most wild and untouched places of eastern Sicily and made for an audience of real travelers. Our routes, middle and upper-middle level, take place on Etna (its most beautiful caves in the big climb of the Valle del Bove), Rocca di Novara, Pantalica, the secrets of Catania city Center and so more. We believe that, in order to maintain the true spirit of the experience, is critical to stimulate the sense of conviviality and complicity among all participants; this is why our tours are never composed of big groups and we always try to meet the needs of all. The guides, geologists and experts in nature, will enrich the trips with information about the characteristics of the territory, endemic flora and fauna.


 Sicily Trekking Wild adheres to eco-tourism initiatives – green travel and responsible tourism in the beautiful Sicilian lands